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SEMA 2024 No.22628

RB20/RB20DET Intake Manifold Kit with 90mm Throttle Body and Fuel Rail

RB20/RB20DET Intake Manifold Kit with 90mm Throttle Body and Fuel Rail

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  • Increase engine power and torque;
  • High performance and cost-effective;
  • USA tech support;
  • Black in stock;
  • Silver intake manifold kit produce time takes 1~2 weeks

The RB20DET intake manifold kit is our hot selling product and it contains 90mm throttle body fuel rail.
The intake manifold can maintain the safety of driving. It is located between the throttle valve and the engine intake valve. It is the intake pipe after the carburetor or the throttle body and before the intake port of the cylinder head.
The function of the engine intake manifold is to distribute the air and fuel mixture from the carburetor or throttle body to the intake ports of each cylinder.


  • Fuel Rail designed for 14mm injectors 
  • Complete throttle and intake kit with hardware
  • Comes with 90mm throttle body without tps but compatible with stock tps.
  • Gasket O Rings / Bolts and Fittings
  • Fabrication: TIG welded aluminum
  • CNC billet flange

INAT Auto Parts specializes in high-end auto parts for more than ten years. Our intake manifold can easily reduce gas flow resistance and improve intake capacity. Perform better and respond faster. One-stop services and quality assurance!

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