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SEMA 2024 No.22628

CHRA G30 900 Billet Wheel Turbocharger Core Cartridge

CHRA G30 900 Billet Wheel Turbocharger Core Cartridge

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  • Model: G30-900;
  • Compressor wheel: Billet Wheel;
  • Bearing: Dual Ball Bearing;
  • Balance test: YES;
  • Warranty: 12 months;
  • Turbo core cartridge produce time takes 1~2 weeks

INAT Auto Parts has focused on providing high performance turbochargers and related products, such as turbocharger core cartridges, for more than ten years. We have strong development capability in technology and research. Our products are durable and their materials are high quality.

Turbocharger core is a rotor (turbine wheel one side, compressor wheel on the other) which is held in a bearing system allowing it to rotate at high speed on a pressurised oil film similar to the engine.

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- Estimated to be shipped in 4-15 business days.

2. About INAT Auto Parts
INAT Auto Parts specializes in high-end auto parts for more than ten years, especially fuel injectors and turbochargers. We have ASNU testing machine to do a strong test on the injector before shipment, and the dynamic flow matching is within 1%. One-stop services and quality assurance!

If you have any product and service needs, you can contact us online!

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