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SEMA 2024 No.22628

G30 660 Dual Ball Bearing Turbocharger With Billet Wheel

G30 660 Dual Ball Bearing Turbocharger With Billet Wheel

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Turbine housing
  • Bearing: Dual Ball Bearing;
  • Compressor housing: A/R.72;
  • USA Tech Support;
  • Warranty: 12 months;
  • Cooled: Water & Oil cooled;
  • Dual ball bearing turbo produce time takes 1~2 weeks

This G30 660 turbo is a dual ball bearing turbocharger. This product is available in four turbine housings: A/R.83, 2 v band, A/R.83, T3 v band, A/R1.01, 2 v band, and A/R1.21, 2 v band. The product has high reliability, good matching characteristics, and high transient response characteristics.

Product Parameters:

Compressor housing: A/R.72

Billet compressor wheel: Ø57.56/Ø71.4, 9+0 blade

Turbine wheel: Ø54.98/Ø60, 9 blade

Cooled: water & oil cooled

Bearing: dual ball bearing

Warranty: 12 months

Turbine housing:
1. A/R.83, 2 v band
2. A/R.83, T3 v band
3. A/R1.01, 2 v band
4. A/R1.21, 2 v band

1. Shipping and Packaging
- Free shipping worldwide.
- Turbo estimated to be shipped in 4-15 business days.

2. About INAT Auto Parts
INAT Auto Parts specializes in high-end auto parts for more than ten years, especially fuel injectors and turbochargers. We have ASNU testing machine to do a strong test on the injector before shipment, and the dynamic flow matching is within 1%. One-stop services and quality assurance!

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