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SEMA 2024 No.22628

8pcs EV1 2200cc 210lb Injectors LS2 for BMW Chevrolet Ford Dodge HSV Cadillac

8pcs EV1 2200cc 210lb Injectors LS2 for BMW Chevrolet Ford Dodge HSV Cadillac

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Genuine Bosch 210lb 2200cc fuel injectors are in stock! Bosch part number, Bosch serial numbers and Bosch logo stamped on the injector. Come in original Bosch boxes as shown in the pictures.

These new injectors from Bosch represent the next generation of high flow injector technology with fast response times, excellent flow pattern and compact design.

Product Parameters:

*WARNING: The fuel lines must be cleaned before replacing the fuel injectors.

*Genuine, reliable, new Bosch injectors, sell them with the retail box.

Overall length: 65mm

O-ring seat to seat dimension: 48mm

Top and Bottom o-ring: 14mm

O-ring centerline to centerline Dimension: 53mm

Injector Body Diameter: 15.2mm

Static flow rate: 210 lb/hr @ 43.5 PSI ( 3 BAR ) w/Gas 2200 cc/min

Name: 2200cc NGI2

Part number: 0280158829

Quantity : 8 Fuel injectors

Connector: EV1 Minitimer Jetronic – Adapters Available

Dead time: 0.45ms at 14 volts

Coil resistance: 9.1 Ohms / High Impedance

Spray pattern: Conical (30 degree)

Spray angle: Neutral (0 degree)

Acceptable fuels: Gas/Petrol, alcohol/methanol, E85, CNG

Unacceptable fuels: Gas/Petrol containing MTBE, specifically VP Q16 and VP Import or other MTBE oxygenated fuels

Vehicle Compatibility:

BMW: E90 / E92 / E93 M3 2007+, 2008-2013 BMW M3 Base 4.0L V8
Jeep: 2018-2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk 6.2L
Mercedes: 2007-2011 Mercedes AMG M156 6.3L
Dodge: 2015-2021 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat, 2015-2016 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat, 2008-2010 Dodge Challenger SRT8, 2006-2008 Dodge Magnum SRT8
Chrysler: 2005-2010 Chrysler 300 C SRT8
Ford: 2007-2014 Mustang Shelby GT500, 2008-2009 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500KR
Holden: Commodore VZ (LS2), Monaro (LS2)
Nissan: 2008-2015 Nissan Titan PRO-4X, 2011-2015 Nissan Titan S/SL/SV, 2004-2010 Nissan Titan XE/SE/LE, 2010 Nissan Armada Titanium, 2005-2009 Nissan Armada LE, 2010-2014 Nissan Armada Platinum, 2005-2010 Nissan Armada SE, 2005-2006 Nissan Armada SE Off-Road, 2011-2014 Nissan Armada SL/SV
LS2 series:
2005-2007 Chevrolet Corvette
2005-2006 Chevrolet SSR
2006-2009 Chevrolet TrailBlazer SS
2006-2007 Cadillac CTS V-Series
2005-2006 Holden Monaro family
2005-2006 Pontiac GTO
2005-2006 Vauxhall Monaro VXR
2005-2006 HSV Coupe GTO
2005-2006 HSV SV6000
2005-2008 HSV Clubsport R8, Maloo R8, Senator Signature and GTS
2005-2008 HSV Grange
2008-2009 Saab 9-7X Aero

*Please choose the plug or connector according to your actual situation. If you have any questions, please contact us online. We will get back to you soon and help you order the right injectors.

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