ls1 1200cc fuel injectors

What is the most common cause of injector failure?

There are some reasons for fuel injector failure:

1.Pollution and restrictions

All the fuel burned by the engine eventually passes through the injectors. As a result, the injectors are susceptible to contamination and carbon deposits, ultimately restricting the flow of fuel. There are many factors that contribute to this, including fuel quality, driving conditions and injector design.

2.Electrical failure

The injector consists of a coil wound on a spool. When an electric current passes through the coil, it creates a magnetic field that causes the pivot to move away from its base, allowing fuel to be injected. When the current is cut off, the magnetic field disappears and the spring pushes the pivot against its base, cutting off the flow of fuel.

3.Engine blowby

Blowby is fuel and oil residue blown through the piston into the crankshaft during compression. Your car's PVC system should be able to keep the blow-by air out, but if the air filter isn't catching the blow-by air, or the PCV system isn't working properly, this sludge can end up clogging your fuel injectors.

4.Poor injector atomization

When the injection pressure is too low, the nozzle is worn and carbon deposited, the spring end face is worn or the elasticity is reduced, which will cause the injector to open too early and close too late, resulting in poor atomization.

5.Needle valve stuck

The engine power drops, vibrates, and even fails to start in severe cases.

6.Oil dripping from the injector

When the injector is working, the sealing cone of the needle valve body will be frequently and strongly impacted by the needle valve, and high-pressure fuel will be continuously sprayed out from there, causing the cone to gradually wear or have spots, causing the injector to drip oil.

How to reduce problems?

1.Regular inspection and cleaning

Check them regularly to prevent sediment buildup.

2.Use of fuel additives

Another good way to keep your injectors healthy is to regularly add injector cleaner. You just add it to your tank.

3.Regular engine maintenance

Regular oil and filter changes go a long way in keeping your engine healthy. If the engine is not running efficiently, it will put extra pressure on the injectors. It is also important to replace the fuel filter regularly to ensure proper fuel flow.

4.Good driving habits

Driving the vehicle hard and making short starts and stops will increase the wear on the injectors. Allowing the engine to cool down before shutting it off will extend the life of the injectors. Therefore, a well-maintained fuel injection system will keep your vehicle running for many years.

What should I do if the fuel injector fails?

When problems occur, it may be due to a lack of regular cleaning of the fuel injectors. To prevent any form of clogging, it can be cleaned at 30, 000 miles. If the O-ring leaks, replace the O-ring promptly. In addition, the injector may be damaged, so it needs to be replaced with a new injector according to the specific vehicle type. INAT Auto Parts specializes in LS fuel injectors for more than ten years, including 1000cc fuel injectors, 1200cc fuel injectors, 1600cc fuel injectors, and so on. They are E85 available and can effectively improve auto power. Find more auto parts just at INAT Auto Parts.

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