What Should You Look for in A Performance Throttle Body?

What Should You Look for in A Performance Throttle Body?

When considering throttle body upgrades, it's important to know what features and specifications are important. Here are some features to consider when looking at performance throttle bodies:

Material: Throttle bodies are usually made of either cast aluminum or billet aluminum. Cast throttle bodies are more affordable but less durable than billet throttle bodies, which can handle higher levels of power and torque. High-quality aluminum construction can increase durability.

Size and shape: Throttle bodies come in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit different engine bay configurations. Make sure you choose one that will fit in your engine bay without interfering with other components. A larger throttle plate area generally increases airflow.

Vacuum ports: Throttle bodies may come with different numbers of vacuum ports, depending on the manufacturer's design and the type of throttle body.

Fuel system compatibility: Throttle bodies must be compatible with the fuel system they are being used with. Make sure the throttle body you choose is compatible with your vehicle's fuel system and can be used with other components such as the throttle control system, fuel injectors, and engine management system.

Direct throttle linkage for improved throttle response: If you opt for a throttle body with direct throttle linkage, you will enjoy improved throttle response and increased throttle sensitivity.

CNC machined components: CNC means computer numerical control, and it allows throttle bodies to be machined with very precise dimensions for enhanced throttle response and fuel delivery.

Self-aligning throttle plates: Self-aligning throttle plates are designed to ensure a consistent throttle plate angle for improved throttle response and fuel delivery.

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