LS2 850cc fuel injectors

What LS injectors are best?

In the process of car upgrades, we will know about LS1 fuel injectors, LS2 fuel injectors, and LS3 fuel injectors. There are many differences between fuel injectors, and firstly we need to know what an LS fuel injector is. The main feature referred to by the "LS" title is the physical size of the injector. This is because the LS series injectors (including the LS1, LS2 and LS3 models) are named and designed according to the type of engine they are specifically built for.

LS1 engine:

The LS1 engine was produced from 1997 to 2004. The original LS1 injector was designed for the 5.7L engine and is generally considered the standard injector for that series of engines. It has a flow rate of approximately 255 liters per hour.

LS2 engine:

The LS2 engine was produced from 2005 to 2007. The LS2 fuel injector is a high-flow fuel injector specially designed for the 6.0L engine. It has a flow rate of approximately 315 liters per hour.

LS3 engine:

The LS3 engine was first introduced in 2008. The LS3 injectors are the largest injectors in the LS series. It is designed for 6.2-liter engines and has a flow rate of approximately 375 liters per hour.

What LS injectors are best?

You need to choose the appropriate injector based on your situation.

If you are looking for a standard fuel injector (suitable for most street applications), then the LS1 fuel injector is a good choice. If you want the engine to have more power and performance, LS2 or LS3 fuel injectors are a better choice. If you're looking for the most power and performance possible, look no further than LS3 injectors. The LS3 fuel injectors are the largest injectors in the LS series. They are known for their high performance.

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