What Do EV1, EV6, and EV14 Mean When It Comes to Fuel Injectors?

What Do EV1, EV6, and EV14 Mean When It Comes to Fuel Injectors?

When it comes to fuel injectors it can be hard to make sense of all the different kinds and types available. EV1, EV6, and EV14 fuel injectors. LS1 type and LS2 type. As well as high and low impedance injectors. It can be very confusing to determine what you need. Especially when trying to build a custom racing machine or bump up your vehicle’s horsepower.

EV1, EV6, and EV14 refer to Bosch’s designated fuel injector body styles. These styles of fuel injectors can have different connectors and flow rates.

Practically, no one directly refers to EV14 injectors despite the fact they’re most widely used and manufactured. Typically, people refer to EV1 and EV6 fuel injectors based on the plug or connector type. However, these body styles are not exclusively associated with one connector type.

Practically speaking, “EV” represents the generation of engineering that EV1 and EV6 stem from. Fundamentally, EV1 is the original Bosch fuel injector. However, you cannot find this generation of injectors today, except in retrofitting older vehicles.

That said, if an injector has the length of original EV1 injectors, you can classify it as an EV1 fuel injector.
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