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How to optimize the turbocharger to increase auto power?- Part II

How to optimize the turbocharger to increase auto power?Upgrade the intercooler…Read more about “How to optimize the turbocharger to increase auto power”, please click here to read the previous part I to know all.

3.Choose the right fuel for your turbocharged engine

You need the right fuel to maximize your turbocharged engine's performance. The combustion rate is different from other cars and it needs to match or you will end up blowing or melting your engine.

Paying special attention to upgrading your fuel pump and fuel injectors will give your car a huge power boost.

4.Head gasket upgrade for turbocharger

The head gasket is specially designed for blowing. Why? So if your engine creates too much pressure or combustion, they can explode before the rest of the engine or more expensive components like the pistons or engine block. Cylinder pressure is what causes the cylinder head gasket to explode.

Upgraded head gaskets and bolts can help prevent failure, especially in turbocharged cars. In addition to a good set of head gaskets, you must also make sure that all explosion issues are controlled and that they are compatible with the boost level of the turbocharger so that the gaskets do not explode in the first place due to: Too much pressure.

5.Exhaust device for turbocharged engine

If you see a vehicle with a lot of displacement, it most likely has a turbocharged engine. The exhaust of the turbocharger cannot be too large. The reasoning behind this is that you want zero back pressure in your car's exhaust system, allowing more air to escape and flow through the engine more efficiently.

6.Replace your car's turbocharger

Adding an aftermarket turbo to a car that doesn't have one can be a daunting task. However, you can upgrade the actual turbo itself, since it's capable of handling more boost, giving you more power. You can also tune the system with a larger compressor or exhaust enclosure that fits your system.

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