How To Make Your Car Faster?

How To Make Your Car Faster?

In the automotive field, many car enthusiasts are fascinated by car modification. With upgrades, you can transform an ordinary vehicle into an amazing speed-monster, improving your driving experience and car performance. So how do you  turn your car into an eye-catching king of the track?

Modify the engine and powertrain

The core of improving car performance is to modify the engine and powertrain. You can increase engine output and torque by selecting higher performance air filters, intake systems, exhaust systems, booster systems, and more. Firstly, using a turbocharger is a convenient way to make your car faster. A turbocharger can increase the air intake to the engine. The fuel for the engine is a mixture of air and gasoline. If you have more air intake and more fuel injection, you can increase the power of your engine and make your car go faster. Secondly, the usage of the intake manifold is also conducive to increasing the speed of the vehicle. The main function of the intake manifold is to evenly distribute the combustion mixture (or directly inject the air of the engines) to each intake port in the cylinder head. The even distribution is important to optimize engine efficiency and performance.

Use higher performance tires

Using higher performance tires can improve car traction and handling. High-performance tires also have better grip, thus improving braking distances and handling. If your tires are sticky, they can transfer power to the ground and make you acceleration faster.

Reduce the car weight appropriately

Power to weight ratio is key to acceleration of any car. The less weight your engine’s power has to move, the faster it will accelerate. While gearing and even aerodynamics have an effect, from a rolling start, providing both cars have full traction, two cars of the same power to weight ratio will accelerate about as faster as each other, even if one car had a 100bhp engine and another had a 1000bhp engine. Therefore, you can reduce some weight appropriately, such as adjusting the carpet and rear seats.

Upgrade the clutch

The clutch is a mechanism that transmits power and cooperates with the intake system of the engine. The working principle of the clutch is to control the speed of the car by changing the speed of the engine. Upgrading the clutch can enhance your speed by increasing the clamping force, allowing it to hold more torque than the factory setting.

Through car upgrades, you can make your car faster. INAT has focused on high-end auto parts for car upgrades for more than 10 years, and has strong technology and perfect development capabilities. INAT mainly provides car fuel injectors,  racing turbochargers and intake manifolds, which can effectively improve fuel efficiency, reduce fuel consumption, and upgrade your car's power.

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