How to Clean Your Fuel Injectors at Home?

How to Clean Your Fuel Injectors at Home?

How to manually clean the fuel injector? First unplug the safety device of the fuel injector, then open the fuel tank cap, release the excess pressure during cleaning, open the bottle knife holder, and then pour the cleaner into the bottle. Then tighten the bottle cap, hang the bottle on the engine cover, connect the interface of the bottle with the interface of the oil nozzle, clamp the interface of the oil nozzle and the bottle with a clip, and open and close the bottle to clean the oil nozzle.

1. Disconnect the fuel pump power supply. First, disconnect power to the fuel pump. For some models, you can unplug the fuel pump relay to start the vehicle to burn the gasoline in the fuel pipe to prevent the gasoline from spraying out from the interface when the fuel pipe is removed, which may hurt your eyes or cause a fire.

2. Connect the circuit. Before disassembling the fuel pipeline, please wear goggles, cover the interface with a rag from top to bottom, then disassemble, find a suitable special joint to connect to the fuel rail inlet pipe, and block the vehicle oil return pipe that leads to the oil return port , or connect the oil return pipe of the original car with the oil inlet pipe to form a circuit.

3. Tighten the bottle cap, add special fuel injector cleaner on the bottle, tighten the bottle cap, and then connect the fuel filler pipe on the bottle to the fuel rail.

4. Turn on the pipeline switch on the sling, connect the sling to the compressed air pipeline, adjust the pressure of the cleaning bottle to 2-3Kgm, and then turn on the pipeline switch on the sling.
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