How to Clean the Intake Manifold

How to Clean the Intake Manifold?

How to clean the intake manifold: After disassembling the intake manifold, use a 2 to 3 inch brush dipped in gasoline and soak for 2 to 5 hours, then use a large flat or small spatula to remove and remove carbon deposits. Stand the intake manifold upright, and tap all parts of the intake manifold with a hammer until the carbon deposits are completely removed.

Car air intakes are mainly divided into disassembly cleaning and non-disassembly cleaning. According to the formation mechanism of engine carbon deposits and the severity of carbon deposits, such as natural elimination under specific working conditions, use of fuel additives, hanging bottles, use of engine cleaning machines, if it is particularly serious, the engine must be disassembled and cleaned.

The intake port is the channel for the intake air of the engine. In theory, the smooth inner wall of the intake port can reduce the friction between the air flow and the intake port, and help improve the engine intake performance. However, if the inner wall of the air inlet is dirty, the air inlet will be narrowed, and the speed of the air intake will be affected. However, in most cases in our day-to-day cars, only a small part of the engine power is used, and the air flow in the intake port is not large, so the effect of dirty intake ports is not obvious. It's like a sewer with some silt, and the drainage is not affected when there is less sewage. However, when there is heavy rain, the amount of sewage increases suddenly, and the impact will appear when the maximum drainage capacity of the sewer is reached.

The time for regular cleaning of the air intake system is as follows:

1. As for how often to clean, it depends on many factors. Such as the driving environment of the vehicle, the adjustment method of the EFI engine, etc.

2. If the vehicle is working in a very polluted environment (the key refers to inhalable particulate matter), impurities will accumulate on the throttle valve very quickly. After a long time, it will affect the intake air of the engine. At this time, it needs to be cleaned. This phenomenon is most noticeable when starting the vehicle.

3. It is normal to clean the intake system every six months or 20,000 kilometers. The intake system of the engine is the gateway for air to enter the combustion chamber, because the environment in which the engine is used and impurities in the air are sucked into the intake system to participate in combustion, which is the key cause of carbon deposition.
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