How to clean the car fuel injector correctly at home?

How to clean the car fuel injector correctly at home?

Many drivers with strong hands-on ability like to maintain their cars by themselves. As the saying goes, if you do it yourself, you will have enough food and clothing. So, do you know how to clean the fuel injectors by yourself? Next, let me tell you, let's learn together.

Tools needed to clean the fuel injectors:
1. Use the small copper piece of the positive and negative connectors of the car horn to add a small wire, and DIY a pair of wires that can be connected to the positive and negative poles of the fuel injector. Or a fuel injector harness.

2.12V battery or 12-15V charger (DC transformer).

3. Two bottles of clearing agent.

4. Take a small hose from the inside of the discarded detergent bottle, put it on the nozzle of the detergent, and seal the air pressure inside the nozzle.

5. An old toothbrush.

Do-it-yourself fuel injector cleaning process:
1. The fuel injector is connected to the positive and negative poles, the nozzle of the chemical cleaner blocks the oil inlet end of the tail of the fuel injector, press and rinse.

2. Soak the fuel injector in the cleaner for more than 20 minutes to soften the gum inside and outside the fuel injector.

3. Brush the outer surface with a toothbrush.

4. Connect the positive and negative poles of the fuel injector again, rinse with the detergent for a while, and it's done!

1. During the cleaning process, wear protective glasses, in case the cleaning agent is sprayed into the eyes, it is not a joke.

2. Do not short-circuit the positive and negative wires and touch the fire. Sparks will burn out the device or battery, and it is not a joke.

3. There are positive and negative marks on the terminals of the fuel injectors. Do not connect them backwards, but it seems that there is no major problem if they are reversed, but I think it is best not to connect them backwards.

The above is the whole content of the method of cleaning the fuel injector by yourself, I hope it will be helpful to you.
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