Can the Car Still Be Driven with Bad Fuel Injector

Can the Car Still Be Driven with Bad Fuel Injector?

If the fuel injector is bad, it is better not to drive the vehicle again. If the fuel injector is bad, the car can be started, but the vibration is too large, the accelerator cannot be applied, and the car has no power, and the fuel consumption is very high, and the engine will be damaged in severe cases. The reasons for the failure of the fuel injector are as follows:

1. The internal spring is fatigued and the elastic force decreases. Every time the oil is sprayed, the spring is compressed once, and the engine works for a long time, and the spring is prone to fatigue.

2. Broken, spring quality problem.

3. The oil injection hole is blocked. Due to the inappropriate ratio of oil and gas, the combustion is not complete, resulting in excessive carbon deposits and blockage.

4. The oil needle is worn out, the quality is not good, and the oil nozzle will naturally wear out after long-term use. When the oil injection hole is blocked, it can be cleaned, and if it is the other three items, it can only be replaced.
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