4 main inspection methods for fuel injectors

4 main inspection methods for fuel injectors

There are four main inspection methods for fuel injectors:

1. Zero spray test: remove the fuel injector, connect the oil supply pipe and battery or connect the 3V power supply, touch the positive pole of the battery with a wire, the fuel injection is crisp, and it is normal to park in time;

2. Oil drop test: do not energize the fuel injector, but the electric fuel pump continues to pump oil, and the oil dripping from the injector nozzle is more than 1 drop per minute, which is normal;

3. Fuel injection quantity test: Connect the fuel injector to the battery for 1.5 seconds to see the quantity of fuel injected. Each model has specific requirements, you should consult the relevant information; check the fuel injection difference of all injectors, generally 15s can not be greater than 5mL;

4. Simple inspection method: You can connect two dry batteries (about 3V) to the fuel injector, and blow air to the fuel injector; when the power is off, it cannot blow, and there is no air leakage; when it is powered on, it is normal;

In addition, according to different functions, it can be divided into main injector and cold start injector; according to the resistance value of the solenoid coil of the injector, it can be divided into low resistance injector and high resistance injector. The single-point injection system has only one main injector and cold start injector; in the multi-point injection system, one injector is installed for each cylinder, and only one cold start injector is installed on the intake manifold.

For the injector with low resistance value, use a high-precision digital multimeter to check. The resistance value of the cold start injector is between 2 and 5. It is normal. The low resistance value of the main injector is between 1.5 and 32. The main fuel injector is about 132, which is normal, and the coil must not have short circuit, open circuit, or grounding, otherwise it should be replaced.

If there are some problems with the fuel injectors after inspection, you can replace them with a new one in time.

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