What's Under The Hood of the Toyota GR Corolla

What's Under The Hood of the Toyota GR Corolla?

Toyota's GR division has released some fantastic sports and performance cars lately, and the Corolla is no exception!

Toyota has continued to stand out in recent years with its performance-oriented models, look no further than the GT and GR86, the new Supra, and of course the awesome GR Yaris. The latter isn't coming to the U.S., but luckily, Toyota has a real treat ready for the West, and that's the 2023 GR Corolla.

In a nutshell, it looks awesome, goes like stink, and will no doubt prove to be a massive hit among gearheads and driving enthusiasts, so here's what you should know about this formidable performance car.

Let's quickly summarize what this excellent Toyota really is; basically think of it as a Lancia Delta Integrale, but for the modern day, it's more geared toward tarmac than gravel (although that doesn't mean it's Useless off-road!).

Essentially, it's a high-powered turbocharged limited edition of a fairly ordinary hatchback, with a driver-focused interior and a host of modern tech under the body, such as trick brakes and suspension, to Make sure the driving experience is as exciting as possible. money.

It's more than a track weapon, though, and at the end of the day, the GR is still a Corolla, perfect for picking up your mother-in-law or heading to the store.

So, we've mentioned a number of times that the GR Corolla is a capable hatchback, but what's lurking under the hood and what does it have to offer us?

Engine Specs



Model Years

2022 to present


3-cylinder turbo




300 horsepower


273 to 295 lb-ft



Noteworthy Applications

GR Corolla


So in summary, it may sound a bit silly being a puny 3-cylinder engine, but don't let anyone put you down over this – the boffins at Toyota have managed to wring out an almighty 300 horsepower; a figure a lot of lazy 6 or even 8-cylinder American cars could only dream about!

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