What is the difference between supercharger and turbocharger

What is the difference between supercharger and turbocharger?

The difference between turbocharging and supercharging mainly has the following points:

1. The power output of the two is different:
  • The mechanical supercharger has a linear output close to the natural intake;
  • The turbocharger has a relatively more abrupt output due to turbo hysteresis, and is not so linear.
2. The working speed of the two is different:
  • Due to the small difference in the size of the belt pulleys of various engines and the limited engine installation space, the working speed of the supercharger is much lower than 3,000rpm;
  • The turbocharger is often above 10,000rpm super high transfer domain.
3. The characteristics of the two are different:
  • Compared with turbocharging, the supercharging system can increase the power output of the engine by 20-40% when the engine parts maintain the original form and do not need to manufacture high unit price precision parts. It will not cause a burden on the maintenance system, and achieve the goals of environmental protection, fuel saving and high efficiency, so as to greatly save the development cost of new engines.
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