What are symptoms of bad fuel injectors?

What are symptoms of bad fuel injectors?

Fuel injectors replaced carburetors in the early 1980s. Compared with the carburetor, the fuel injection system has more accurate metering, finer atomized fuel, and more sensitive control of engine work, smbustion es advantages in terms of economy, emissions, and power. Public attention is increasingly focused on fuel injection systems.

What are fuel injectors

Fuel injectors are one of the key components of an internal combustion engine. They deliver fuel to the engine cylinders where it will be combusted. The size of the fuel injectors is determined by the amount of fuel that needs to be delivered to the engine. A larger engine will require bigger fuel injectors.

Fuel injectors work by opening and closing very rapidly. When they are open, fuel is delivered to the engine cylinders. The amount of time that the fuel injectors are open is controlled by the engine's computer.

Fuel injectors deliver fuel directly to the engine cylinders where it is mixed with air and combusted. The computer-controlled opening and closing of the fuel injectors allows for a more precise delivery of fuel, which results in better engine performance.

What are the symptoms of fuel injectors failure?

  1. Engine shaking.

When the fuel injector of the car is damaged and the fuel injection is not smooth, the engine will appear symptoms such as running shake during the working process.

  1. Decreased power and increased fuel consumption.

With the damage of the fuel injector, the fuel injection quantity and fuel injection pressure cannot be guaranteed, which will cause the vehicle power to decrease and the fuel consumption to increase.

  1. Exhaust emission pollution increased.

The failure of the engine injector will inevitably affect the mixing and combustion of the combustible mixture, which will cause the increase of vehicle exhaust pollutants.

  1. Difficulty starting or even stalling.

When the fuel injector is seriously damaged, the vehicle will also have difficulty starting, and even a sudden flameout during driving.

  1. The engine is missing a cylinder.

When the fuel injectors of individual cylinders are severely damaged, the engine is very likely to be out of cylinders, which will cause severe engine shaking.

  1. Black smoke from car exhaust.

With the damage of the fuel injector, the atomization of the fuel and the mixing with the air cannot be guaranteed, so the combustible mixture cannot be completely burned, resulting in black smoke from the vehicle and increased carbon deposits in the engine.

  1. Accelerated wear of the cylinder and piston rings, resulting in unstable idling speed, increased fuel consumption, weak acceleration, difficulty in starting, excessive vehicle emissions, etc., and even damage to the engine in severe cases.

What is the cause of the failure?

The most common causes of fuel injector failure are:

  1. Excessive deposits building up on the nozzles of the injectors. This will cause restricted fuel flow and result in poor performance or complete engine failure.
  2. Corrosion due to water droplets in the fuel mix. This can cause blockages, leaks or other problems in the fuel system.
  3. Damage due to heat and vibration caused by the engine running for extended periods of time.
  4. Wear due to normal operation as the injectors age and become worn out over time.
  5. Contamination from dirt or particles entering into the system through faulty filters or seals.

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