What should be paid attention to when the fuel injector is blocked?

What should be paid attention to when the fuel injector is blocked?

When the fuel injector fails, it will lead to increased carbon deposits in the engine. If the fuel injector is blocked, the throttle response will be insensitive, the acceleration will not be smooth, there will be lag after the accelerator is stepped on, the power will drop, the fuel consumption will increase, and even the engine will shake.

Pay attention to the following points in case of fuel injector clogging;
First, don't force the accelerator with your feet, especially when the fuel injectors are blocked, it will cause the fuel injectors to be completely damaged.

Second, the fault light is on after a long period of poor combustion, and the fault light will be reported after a certain number of times, indicating that the car did not burn well before, and it may be due to the deterioration of the oil or the deterioration of the oil circuit and there is no good fuel to burn.

Third, when the oil circuit is not cleaned and improved, cleaning the throttle valve will cause the air intake to increase, the mixer will become thinner, the vehicle will vibrate at idle speed, and the throttle will go away.

Fourth, repairing the car does not mean that it will be cured after repairing. Repairing may aggravate problems elsewhere. This is normal and requires a process of elimination.

Fifth, in the case of poor combustion, vibration, and flickering, clean the oil circuit first, and don't rush to replace parts.

This is easy to deal with. When encountering such a fault code, after detection, it has been determined that the fuel injector is blocked. The traditional method is to disassemble the fuel injector and replace it. Let’s not talk about the man-hour cost of the replacement. Let’s talk about the reason. , We have to find out why it is blocked first, so that we can avoid the later blockage after the replacement. After all, the replacement cost is very high. If you block it after the replacement, it will consume a lot of cost.

There are two types of clogging, one is external clogging caused by ash and carbon deposits outside the fuel injector in the combustion chamber, and the other is internal clogging caused by oil in the oil circuit. Both of these blockages can be cleaned and unblocked by PNF additives. But be sure to use effective additives. Don't wait until there is a problem with the car before thinking about changing parts, the cost is not worth the loss and the problem is not solved.
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