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What is e85 fuel?- Part II

E85 is a fuel composed of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline. It is used in flexible fuel vehicles (FFV) and can run on any combination of ethanol and gasoline, up to 85% ethanol...Read more about “What is e85 fuel?”, please click here to read the previous part I to read all.

What is e85- Part II

Retrofit my engine to run on E85 fuel

You can do this by tweaking/remapping or piggybacking components to adjust refueling and timing. The aim is to vary the duration of the vehicle's fuel injectors so that they are open longer, delivering more fuel to the internal combustion engine. The injectors themselves may need to be removed, replaced or modified, and conversion kits usually provide these. Then insert the FexTek plug into the injector. For many vehicles this will be a do-it-yourself project and not very time consuming. Some components in the fuel and fuel pump system will need to be modified to resist the corrosive effects of E85 fuel. Modern engines are usually better suited than older ones. A good conversion kit will provide these as well, if needed. The main consideration is the removal of rubber parts in the fuel system, as ethanol can cause damage and degradation of these parts, so part cost is usually lower, but installation can be cumbersome and time consuming.

With the development of technology and the advancement of science, people have more and more possibilities in protecting the environment and reducing carbon emissions. E85 fuel is a good alternative to conventional gasoline and it has many advantages. Since e85 is harder to burn, it actually reduces the chance of engine knocking, pinging and misfiring. This allows you to target more aggressive cylinder timing, which will also improve engine performance. As a result, many tuning enthusiasts generally believe that the E85 has a real advantage over gasoline cars. Even so, it's not an absolutely flawless fuel right now and has some drawbacks.

Before using E85 fuel, we should have a good understanding of what E85 is and how it can make your vehicle more powerful and make environment more friendly.

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