intake manifold

What happens when intake manifold is bad?

The intake manifold is located between the engine's throttle and intake valves. The reason why it is called the manifold is because after the air enters the throttle valve, it passes through the manifold buffer system, where the air flow channel is branched. The intake manifold corresponds to the number of engine cylinders, for example four for a four-cylinder engine and five for a five-cylinder engine, and air is introduced into each cylinder separately.

The intake manifold is a very important component in the engine, which is directly related to the power performance and fuel consumption rate of the car. The function of the intake manifold is to send air into the engine for use in the mixed gas. With the continuous advancement of technology, the intake manifold has also been continuously upgraded, which provides more guarantees for the improvement of the power of the car. And what happens when intake manifold is bad?

If the intake manifold is damaged, air leakage will occur; the air pressure will decrease; the air intake will become weaker; the driving force of the engine will be reduced; there will be air leakage; high idle speed will happen; acceleration will be weak; it will be easy to stall when accelerating.

What are the main symptoms of an intake manifold leak?

If the intake manifold leaks, there will be a sound from the intake manifold leaking, and the car will vibrate, shake at idle speed, accelerate weakly and easily stop the fire, etc. If the crack is serious, the car will not be able to run. Under normal conditions, the air intake and supply volume of the engine is determined. When the intake manifold leaks, the air intake and supply volume of the engine will not be sufficient, and the gasoline, diesel and gas in the engine will not be well integrated, resulting in insufficient driving force of the engine. , Therefore, there will be weak acceleration during driving. In addition, the air leakage of the intake manifold will also cause abnormal internal operation of the engine, the engine will stall, and the noise of the exhaust pipe of the engine will also increase.

As an important power performance part of an automobile engine, the intake manifold can just meet the needs of the market and consumers for vehicle power and reduce fuel consumption. Therefore, we should pay attention to the application performance of the intake manifold.

INAT, a high-end auto parts manufacturer, has strong technology and perfect development capabilities. The intake manifold produced by INAT can improve the hot start performance, increase the power and torque of the engine, partly avoid the heat loss in the pipe during cold start, and accelerate the temperature rise of the travel gas.

In the future, with the continuous improvement of technology, the intake manifold can reduce many of its own limitations, and their application can also meet the various needs of consumers for vehicle power performance and fuel consumption performance.

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