Supercharger vs turbocharger which is faster?

Supercharger vs turbocharger which is faster?

What is the difference between turbocharger and supercharger? Which is faster?

In general, there is no question of who is faster! The two supercharger methods have their own characteristics, which is to determine the advantages and disadvantages of the two supercharger methods according to your needs.

Supercharger: mainly for large-displacement engines, the engine has enough torque to drive the supercharger, and the main output of the engine is also required to be at a low speed below 4500RPM. Everyone knows that the supercharger will become the load of the engine at high speed, and the power increase brought by supercharging is not as good as the power consumed by the supercharger, so it will not make ends meet. However, since the supercharger can be started at the same time when the engine is started and the camshaft is driven to rotate, because the supercharger is directly linked to the engine by a steel belt, there will be no hysteresis of the turbocharger.

Turbocharger: mainly for small-displacement engines, it is required that the transmission part of the engine (mostly refers to the camshaft part) can cope with the high temperature caused by high-speed rotation. Because the output section of the turbine is after 4500RPM, this number is the usual value, that is to say, the faster the engine speed, the better the supercharging effect. Because the turbine is driven by exhaust gas, and the faster the speed, the faster the work, and the greater the frequency and pressure of exhaust gas discharge. There are two disadvantages of the turbo, one is that the advantage of the turbo is not obvious at low speeds, and the second is turbo lag.

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