Is it necessary to add fuel injector cleaner?

Is it necessary to add fuel injector cleaner?

Is it necessary to add fuel injector cleaner? The answer, of course, is that nozzle cleaner must be added.

1. Automobile engine fuel injection nozzle cleaning agent is a cleaning agent specially used for cleaning the fuel injection system, oil circuit and fuel injection nozzle of gasoline and diesel vehicles, and is suitable for cleaning the fuel injection systems of various gasoline and diesel vehicles;

2. Thoroughly remove the gum and carbon deposits on the injector, intake valve, combustion chamber, piston top and other parts.

3. Carbon deposits in the fuel injector will cause poor fuel injection, reduce the quality of fuel atomization, and make it difficult for the fuel to burn completely after entering the combustion chamber, resulting in difficulty in starting the engine, unstable idle speed, increased fuel consumption, and worsened exhaust emissions, especially in winter .

4. Quickly eliminate unstable idling, poor acceleration, engine weakness, wheezing and other faults, and restore engine power; make the fuel-air mixing ratio more accurate, improve engine power and fuel economy; prevent carbon deposition and engine knocking, and reduce exhaust emissions ; It is safe for all parts of the fuel system and sensors.

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