How to use fuel injector cleaner?

How to use fuel injector cleaner?

The method of using the injector cleaner is:

1. Start the engine, heat the engine until the cooling fan starts, and turn off the engine;

2. Find the oil inlet pipe and oil return pipe of the engine, remove the oil inlet pipe, and block the oil return pipe;

3. Remove the vacuum hose on the upper end of the fuel pressure regulator, and install the pressure cleaning tank;

4. Use the connecting hose and transition joint to connect the special fuel to the main oil pipeline, and remove the power supply circuit of the electric fuel pump of the original vehicle;

5. Turn on the ignition switch and start the engine until the fuel injector cleaner is completely consumed and the engine turns off automatically (it takes about 10 minutes during this period), then the cleaning of the fuel injectors of the whole vehicle is completed;

6. Reverse the installation sequence, remove the pressure cleaning tank, remove the joints, gauges, connecting pipes, connect the oil inlet pipe, vacuum valve, connect the oil pump circuit, and restore the oil supply status of the original vehicle.

However, cleaning the fuel injector can not take effect in some cases, at this time you need to replace the new fuel injectors

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