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How to optimize the turbocharger to increase auto power?- Part I

When I modify the turbocharger, will the larger the turbine size, the more powerful it will be?

This view is very one-sided. As we all know, the larger the turbine size, the larger the blades. The larger the blade, the greater the force of the airflow that blows the blade, which means that the large size turbine can work best at high speed. At a relatively low speed, the exhaust force may not be enough to drive a large-sized modified turbo, and the characteristics of torque generation are completely different from those of a small turbo. Of course, a large turbine has more power than a small turbine at medium and high speeds. Once the large blades rotate, they have greater inertia and more force. To use the large turbine well, the speed control needs to be in place. The small turbo has its own advantages, such as light weight, small size, and fast intervention speed, which is helpful for driving in the city. If the large size turbo is not used for intense driving, the fun is not as strong as the small turbo.

How do I modify it?

If your current turbo car isn't meeting your need for speed, there's a lot you can do to adjust! Here are some relatively simple methods you can use to improve engine performance.

1.Upgrade the intercooler

Maximizing the intake of cold air is one of the key tenets of improving horsepower and performance, and with turbocharged engines, the intercooler is a critical part of the process.

A turbocharger works by compressing air before it enters the combustion chamber, a process that generates a lot of heat that heats the air, while the intercooler's job is to keep it cool.

While most turbocharged vehicles are equipped with intercoolers, they tend to be rather small, can be installed in the wrong place, and if you're looking to maximize performance, they're not the right fit. Opting for a larger, more efficient unit and placing it in the grille at the front of the vehicle will help keep the air cool, providing real gains in BHP and performance. So step up to a higher end or more efficient intercooler, the better the airflow the more power you get.

2.Adding nitrous oxide to the turbocharger

Nitrogen is a great booster for any engine if used in moderation, but it's even more convenient when you already have a turbo in your car. Nitrogen is very cold, so when injected it greatly cools the boost pressure, allowing your car to produce more power.

It also prevents turbo lag. By starting the NOS at low RPM, your performance will increase faster.

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