1200 fuel injectors

Do bigger injectors make more power?

The bigger injectors are not always better.

It's easy to fall into the trap of thinking bigger injectors equal more power, but unless your engine is set up to handle the extra fuel, you'll quickly run into trouble. Excess fuel can flood the engine, causing it to either not run at all or run too rich. This can cause fouling of the spark plugs and damage the engine. Therefore, usually we need to choose a suitable injector.

What if we need to use a bigger injector?

Bigger fuel injectors may require adjustments to work properly. This is because they flow more fuel than smaller injectors, which can affect the air-fuel ratio. Adjustments help ensure the correct amount of fuel is being delivered to the engine. Without adjustments, you could experience engine problems such as poor running, misfiring, and knocking. So if you're going to fit bigger injectors, it's a good idea to adjust that too. This will help prevent any problems and keep your engine running properly.

If you are installing bigger injectors, there are a few other modifications that will need to be made, including:

Upgrade the fuel pump: Bigger fuel injectors will require a larger, more powerful fuel pump to deliver the extra fuel.

Increase fuel line size: Fuel lines need to be large enough to handle the increased amount of fuel delivered by the injectors.

Install a larger throttle body: A larger throttle body is needed to control the increased amount of air being brought into the engine by the bigger injectors.

Upgrade your intake and exhaust systems: Upgrading your intake and exhaust systems will help your engine breathe better and produce more power.

Add forced air induction: Adding forced air induction, such as a supercharger or turbocharger, will help increase the amount of air delivered to the engine. This will enable more power.

Making these other modifications and installing bigger fuel injectors will allow you to take advantage of the extra fuel delivered, which increases horsepower. Without these other modifications, adding bigger injectors could cause problems with the engine.

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