Can you have both supercharger and turbocharger

Can you have both supercharger and turbocharger?

Turbocharging is to use the exhaust gas pressure of the exhaust pipe to drive the turbine, and then press the gas into the intake port through the turbine to increase the intake pressure and increase the engine output power. Supercharging is a method of increasing the output of the power wheel without increasing the engine displacement. It directly uses engine power to drive the supercharger, and then sends high-density air into the cylinder to increase the output power of the engine. Can a car have both a supercharger and a turbocharger? These are two different systems that can be used in one vehicle.

Double supercharging is generally used on high-end cars, so that on the one hand, the supercharger can be used to speed up quickly at low speeds, and on the other hand, the advantages of turbochargers can be used at high speeds to make full use of the energy of the exhaust gas. Cut off the connection of the supercharger at high speed to avoid large mechanical losses. That is, if these two superchargers are placed on the engine, the volume will increase a lot, and the pipeline layout is more troublesome.
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