Are EV6 and EV14 Injectors High Impedance?

Are EV6 and EV14 Injectors High Impedance?

Bosch EV6 and EV14 are high impedance fuel injectors that use the newest technology. These injectors have a higher flow rate and can support over 2000hp depending on the flow rate. The USCAR connector is the standard way these injectors plug into an ECU. Jetronic/Minitimer connectors are found on some older vehicles, as well as some Audi, VW, and BMW applications.

The biggest difference between high and low-impedance fuel injectors is the resistance to current. Low impedance injectors have a coil of wire around the body that reduces the resistance. High impedance injectors do not have this feature, so they rely on the ECU to provide more voltage to overcome the resistance.

It is important to know which type of fuel injector your ECU is compatible with because it will not work with the wrong type. Most aftermarket ECUs can run either high or low impedance injectors, but some are limited to one or the other.

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