What are the signs of a bad fuel injector?

What are the signs of a bad fuel injector?

If your vehicle is experiencing any of the following symptoms, this may be an indication that one or more of your fuel injectors are failing:

Difficulty starting the engine: If it takes longer than usual for the engine to start, then it may be because a fuel injector is not working properly.

Rough idle: This is usually caused by an uneven distribution of fuel in the cylinders due to a failing injector.

Decreased performance: If your vehicle has lost power or isn't running as efficiently as it once did, a bad fuel injector could be the cause.

Stalling: If your engine suddenly stops while running, this can be an indication that one or more of the fuel injectors is not distributing enough fuel to keep the engine running.

Engine misfiring: A misfiring engine can be caused by a fuel injector that isn't spraying the correct amount of fuel into the cylinders.

Reduced fuel efficiency: If your vehicle's fuel efficiency has decreased, this could be an indication of a failing injector.

Check engine light warning: If your check engine light comes on, it could be due to a failing fuel injector.

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