What Are the Economic Benefits of Using E85

What Are the Economic Benefits of Using E85?

E85 offers several economic benefits:
  1. Lower fuel costs due to lower taxes: E85 can cost up to 30% less than regular gasoline.
  2. Reduced maintenance costs: Since E85 is a cleaner burning fuel, it reduces the amount of carbon buildup on engines, resulting in fewer maintenance issues.
  3. Increased economic activity from local agriculture and biofuel production.
  4. Reduced dependence on foreign oil sources.
  5. It can be used in many existing vehicles without any modifications.
  6. Supports U.S. economy: Because ethanol is produced in the United States, using E85 helps to support the domestic economy.
Now that you know the basics of E85, let’s take a closer look at whether or not it is bad for your engine.
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