the Differences in EV1 EV6 EV14 Fuel Injector Body Styles

the Differences in EV1 EV6 EV14 Fuel Injector Body Styles

EV1 Fuel Injectors
You may have heard about EV1 fuel injectors as “fat” body-style fuel injectors. You can find these styles of injectors on classic Mustang models. The EV1 fuel injectors are old school and come with Minitimer or Jetronic connectors usually.

EV6 Fuel Injectors
Later down the line, EV6 fuel injectors managed to replace EV1 fuel injectors. The evolution of fuel injectors has come a long way and EV1, EV6, and E14 represent a shared and interconnected history.

Visually, the EV6 fuel injector has almost the same height as the EV1 fuel injector. However, the body of the EV6 fuel injector is slicker and narrower than the EV1 fuel injector. Unlike EV1, EV6 is relatively modern and comes with water resistant USCAR plug. USCAR plug-equipped fuel injectors are 34mm in length.

EV14 Fuel Injectors
The EV14 fuel injector is the third body style and is shorter than EV6 and even EV1 fuel injectors. In fact, E14 fuel injectors have an ultra-slim body. EV14 represents the current generation of fuel injectors and is the most advanced Bosch injector available in the market.

EV14 injectors are commonly referred to as EV6 fuel injectors. It might seem strange, but there is a lack of standardization of products that are sold in the injector industry. However, it has become a standard approach that allows end users to measure performance easily.
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